I am committed to education. Over the past six years I have worked to spread the word about primates, evolution, and ecosystem conservation, and have spoken to over 1,000 students in the United States, Uganda, and Nicaragua. Learn more about my outreach projects by choosing a page below.


Classroom Presentations

I have designed and implemented multiple lesson plans on primate behavior, cognition, and conservation for elementary, middle and high school students. I have conducted these workshops locations from Durham, NC to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. If you are interested in someone coming to talk to your class or community group about primate cognition, conservation or evolution … Continue reading Classroom Presentations

Multimedia Education

In the growing age of all things technology, multimedia outreach has become increasingly important. The videos below feature primate-loving musicians performing some of my songs about a few of our closest relatives. I hope to come out with an album, Primate Dream, which will feature parodies of pop songs including “Bipedal Maybe” (Call Me Maybe), “F-ing Primate” (F-ing Perfect), … Continue reading Multimedia Education

Kyakagunga Primary School in Uganda

In addition to conducting my research in Uganda, I also work with Kyakagunga Primary School, which sits at the edge of Kibale National Park. I have spoken to students about primates and conservation, and I work with the teachers and community leaders to continually improve the school. We held a fundraiser which raised $25,000 to construct two classrooms, … Continue reading Kyakagunga Primary School in Uganda